Ehsaas nashonuma program app download 2020

Ehsaas nashonuma

 its a nutrition and health program which offers cash and this program main aim is to take care of 23 months old children.

Pakistan is a country in which children are suffering from these conditions like 40% stunting 29% underweight and 18% wasting are indicative.

Stuntive causes damage to immune system, organ development and brain function.
Now PM of Pakistan imran khan on 13 august launch launch this big program in 9 districts in the province includes khyber, duir,hunza ,rajanpur and badin selected on the because of populated area.
This program is fully funded by government of pakistan. World food is also interested in this great program.

Ehsaas nashonuma app download

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Budget of Ehsaas nashonuma program is 8 billion Pakistani rupees.
This will provide health services to the poor and needed people.
in first phase 9 districts will be cover throughout this program.
33 centers will be made and it will provide monthly 2000 rs to the needed children of their families.
This government biggest mission is to provide services to its nation whether it is ehsaas emergency cash, ehsaas scholarship program, ehsaas labor portal, ehsaas interest free loan, ehsaas amdan program, ehsaas kafaalat program.

ehsaas nashonuma app

Ehsaas nashonuma app download

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How to register and apply for ehsaas nashonuma program 2020.

This program will be anounce very soon registration will be through SMS services in   
Kp province of Pakistan.

All of their ehsaas nashonuma centers are built in all districts.
All its registration process will be start soon.

This program will give monthly payment to  all its women registered families.

Atm machines will be soon install in all centers of the district because ehsaas saarif specially women should get advantages through its bio metric system.

After getting Nutrition food  all women will receive its monthly payment.

Pakistan financially is a very weak country 
poor is on high level most of their families can not afford and provide a quality life, food and facilities to their children.

Most of children's are very weaker and their body can not grows due to lake of food and nutrition.

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